What is the difference between a good jockey and a bad jockey

What is the difference between a good jockey and a bad jockey.

There are three types of jockeys.

You have brilliant jockeys, they win races they shouldn’t, the obvious jockeys that spring to mind are A.P. McCoy and Ruby Walsh, however as they nearing the end of their career you have to questions some of their rides, Especially A.P. McCoy, we do know the good jockeys who are true horsemen and have monitored their progress for a number of years. Thankfully not many have spotted their talent and we’ll take fully advantage of this in the coming years.

You have average jockeys, they win races they should win usually with a number of jockey errors.

Then you have the below average jockeys, they loss races they should win, we know who these jockeys are and take this into account when making selections. We avoid these where possible but they do have an odd good day.

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Good Luck for Cheltenham

Jockey or Trainer?

Who is to blame?

Jockeys aren’t the sharpest tool in the box, after all, who would fly over a fence eight foot in the air at 30 mph and in away they’re similar to most professions, they can’t get it right all the time.

But it’s actually the trainer that holds the cards, if a jockey ignores the trainers instructions particular where in the race to finish, i.e. if the horse won when instructed not to, then the chances of getting further rides for that trainer or connections will be pretty thin on the ground.

The racing industry is also a small world at the top, so when a jockey ignores instructions more than a couple of times they are in affect biting the hand that feeds them.

So when a horse should win doing cart-wheels, and it comes in well off the pace, it’s highly likely this is deliberate and all fingers should be firmly pointed at the trainer.

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Barney Curley gamble

Barney Curley gamble analysed

The most recent Barney Curley gamble in January 2014 saw Low Key, Seven Summits, Eye of the Tiger and Indus Valley, land over £2 Million in winnings.

However it did not just involve the four horses that paid out over £2 Million which most people think.

Planning potentially started back as early as October 2012 and involved, a minimum of six horses, the four gambled horses and two bank-roller horses, five trainers and a eleven directly involved jockeys and possible more indirectly. All known to Last Minute racing Tips.

10 rides were pulled (prevented from winning), to achieve a good price for the bankrolled horses, you’re probably wanting more information by now, we’re obviously not disclosing this information to none members, but members will be made aware of these bank rolled horses the next time they run.

Using mapping software, we have identified the horses, jockeys and trainers involved and these are now being tracked so hopefully we’ll be able to spot the next Barney Curley gamble.

We have managed 469 Winning selections in our last year of tipping and were are hoping this will increase in the next 12 months.

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Cheltenham racing tips

Cheltenham Festival 2014 is fast approaching, and a meeting that should not be missed.  It’s too early for Cheltenham racing tips as a lot can change in the run up to Cheltenham.

Historically the Cheltenham festival is the finale to the end of the jump season with many owners striving for a Cheltenham win; some spend decades trying while others find that mythical creature that has the stamina to stretch out up the demanding Cheltenham Hill in their first year of trying.

Research is key to picking a winner on an average Cheltenham card, but the festival is a different bag all together, due to the competitiveness of the occasion. Going that extra mile is the only way you are going to make a Cheltenham campaign successful and that means starting early.

A win at Cheltenham is a fine accolade on a Jockeys CV and no Jockey wants to finish anywhere but first. On the day, every horse is primed, the Jockeys want the glory, the money is down, how do you filter the wheat from the chaff?, there is no point waiting until the festival as every horse looks the winner on the day.

You need to do your research starting today, and fine tune right up until the off.

There are trainers that like to land a big shocker, so have stayed under the radar for the previous four months getting their animal ready for the event of the year, there are trainers that mature in full view within weeks of the festival and come out with all guns blazing.

There are those trainers who have a fine selection of entries and due to unforeseen circumstances are left with no choice but to pull entries out late in the day, turning the race-card on its head.

There are the overseas raiders and jockeys some well-known some not so well known, which can throw up some surprises.

What should be coming clear is research and knowledge is key to a successful Cheltenham campaign.

I use a wealth of tools to select my tips and to become the best horse racing tipster at Cheltenham or punter you need to have a minimum of one reliable information source.

A professional racegoer will not be without the Racing post on the day, but unfortunately it is too early even for them to publish, so a developing picture is the next best thing.

Which we will provide you I the run up to the festival.

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Why did my horse lose?

Your probably asking why did my horse lose when everything pointed to the fact it should have won.

Lets call our Jockey Mr Smith for the below example and no reference to a licenced jockey.

Mr Smith is booked to ride 3 hot rides and before he leaves for the track he meets his best mate and tells him to bet £500 treble on all three of his rides.

The first horse is smashed in the betting and Mr Smith rides his heart out and gets beat by a neck into 2nd place.

Gutted he lost as he is now down £500 but it’s not all bad news, the Jockey has a backup plan, if he was to lose in the first race, then his mate will lay his next two rides on an exchange such as Betfair to recover his initial £500.

So when you see a day when horses should win but don’t, there is a chance that something is a miss. You can’t guarantee a horse will win if you are trying to finish in front as Mr Smith found out, but you can guarantee to loss if your are trying to finish behind the winner.

There are jockey that can make it look like they were trying and get beat by a nose with every intentions to not win.

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Free horse racing tips or free bets?

You all know my feelings on want to be horse racing tipsters, if it was easy nobody would be working and I’d have 10 Million plus subscribers.

If a tipster is any good then they have a value and a value means a charge for their services, however we do appreciate this is a little difficult to accept, so what we have done is put together and increasing list of free bets all in one place. So the money that you would have used to bet gives you access to our members area and the free bets can then fund your stakes. It takes just over 30 minutes to bang in your details, not a bad hourly rate.

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Good Luck!

Don’t be a ‘Jack of all trades’ by our best horse racing tipster

Most tipster try and tip in every race and you’ll find this to be the case especially when looking at the racing posts best racing tipster sections.

Personally we avoid apprentice races, ladies only races, national hunt flat races and arab races. It’s very rare we tip overseas and usually we only tip on Irish racing when UK racing is poor, There tends to be too much schooling in public in Ireland so we tend to exercise a little more caution.

Some days we end up tipping the best of a poor bunch, which can be frustrating, but when members expect tips everyday we can only try our best, Ideally we want all the boxes ticked but realise this can’t always be the case and an element of risk comes into play.

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Betting in running -Time delays.

You can make a lot of money by betting in running, a word of warning is the time delay, some stations are behind by as much as 15 seconds, with the worst being ‘At the races’ which tends to wildly fluctuate. ‘UK Racing’ tends to be 1-2 seconds behind and the most reliable being Channel 4 or BBC racing in the UK until the analogue signal is completely turned off and everyone is on digital.

However you if you are watching in HD (High Definition) your picture will be 1 second behind the non HD channel. In a 5 furlong sprint a horse can travel 20 yards in a second which makes a big difference, and I don’t need to go too much into how 1 or 2 seconds can benefit an in running bet, by either taking your money off or laying the horse that falls.

Only yesterday i was sitting in William Hill with an Ipad and Bet365 was 4 seconds behind the SIS picture feed. So if you really want realtime go to the track.


The Emperor the Chinese man and the best horse racing tipster

There is many version of the Emperor and the Chinese man, the story goes that the Emperor was so pleased that the craftsman invented the chessboard that he offered him a huge chest of gold coins and jewels, the craftsman was not only good at his job but a keen mathematician.

“I don’t want jewels or gold coins all I want is a little rice to feed my family,” said the craftsman, “so all I need is for you to put a single grain of rice on the first square, two grains on the second, four on the third, eight on the fourth, and so on and so on and so on, for the full 64 squares.”

“I can do that,” said the Emperor, not thinking. And he ordered his granary to pay the man for the chessboard.

Well, that turned out to be more than a little difficult. The first few squares on the board cost the Emperor one grain, then two, then four … by the end of the first row, he was up to 128 grains.

In the second row, things got out of hand. By the 21st square he owed over a million grains; by the 41st, it was over a trillion grains of rice — more rice than he, his subjects or any Emperor anywhere could afford.

He’d been had.

On the entire chessboard there would be 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains of rice, weighing 461,168,602,000 metric tons, which would be a heap of rice larger than Mount Everest. This is around 1,000 times the global production of rice in 2010 (464,000,000 metric tons).

The racing tipster being aware of the power of compounding small priced winners decided this is a good way to win consistently.

All I want you to do is bet £2 on each evens favourite, if that wins roll the winnings and the initial £2 stake onto the next horse. If that wins roll the £4 stake and the winnings onto the next evens favourite and so on.

£2 x 2 =£4 x£2 =£8 x2=£16 x2=£32 and so on.

After just 10 evens priced winners in a row your £2 stake has reaches £1024

After 20 evens priced winners in a  row your £2 stake reaches well over £1 Million at  £1,048,576.00

After 30 even priced winners in a row your £2 stake reaches well over £1 Billion £1,073,741,824.00

What I’m trying to show, is there is absolutely nothing wrong with betting on and tipping an evens priced horse.

After all if you dropped in a 5-1 winner and a 3-1 winners between two evens priced winners and you have a 4 horse win accumulator, if you put a £10 stake down you would have £960 in winning.

Obviously achieving 10 or 20 winners in a row is a little tricky but 3, 4, 5, 6 winners in a row, is quite achievable, why not check out are winning streaks by clicking the link.


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What is a Christmas Horse?

What is a Christmas Horse? If you haven’t heard of this saying, don’t worry as I’m going to explain.

You may leave some money for the milkman or refuse collectors at Christmas time or you may look forward to a Christmas bonus in your employment.

Well in the racing world this happens to, however the bonus is a lot bigger than a £20 note stuffed in a milk bottle or an extra day’s pay in your December pay packet.

The aim of a ‘Christmas Horse’ is for the trainer to land a big priced winner one or two weeks before Christmas, and this information is shared between the yard workers to thank them for all those days doing work at 6am.

Setting up a ‘Christmas Horse’ takes time and co-operation from the jockey, yes that’s right, the jockey will ride to instruction on the ‘Christmas Horse’ or to put it another way, take a tug, pull the horse, run wide, look for trouble, not bustle the horse up when leaving the stalls, or pull the horse up two furlongs out anything to hide the real potential.

Watch for horses that drift in the betting from October to mid December, horses that run on the wrong ground over the wrong trip etc and when the day arrives, A Christmas horse is likely to be gambled just before the off and generally the word is not out as the stable yard are in it for themselves. Spotting a ‘Christmas Horse’ is quite difficult and the average horse racing tipster will struggle to spot it, until it’s too late.